We aim to inspire everyone to choose nature-based physical activity and exercise to support physical and mental well-being. We promote the concept of health-enhancing physical activity for functional capacity and mental health, and inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to be more active.


We lead nature-based physical activity sessions to positively influence attitudes and behaviours for healthy active lifestyles with evidence-based approaches and information. We offer movement classes, yoga, breath work, and mindfulness.


We spread health promotion messaging to enable people to make healthy decisions and increase awareness of factors which can support or hinder well-being. We support equitable access to physical exercise and access to safe green spaces.


We are involved research groups and aim to publish papers based on our research related to HEPA and outcomes of our classes. We remain current with the latest evidence-based research and developments in the field of physical activity and exercise promotion. 

Green Blue Active

We promote health enhancing physical activity and the importance of green and blue spaces for physical and mental health, and aim to reduce barriers to physical exercise and improve accessibility to green and blue spaces. Read our Philosophy to learn more about our core beliefs, green and blue exercise, and HEPA.

Green Blue Active promotes physical exercise and nature-based physical activity for physical functioning and mental well-being. Our classes incorporate movement, and relaxation, plus learning a thing or two about green and blue spaces and the importance to public health via the health-supporting connections to physiological and psychological outcomes.

We are here to spread the word and lead activities to experience the benefits of moving outdoors with purposeful physical exercise, mindfulness, and meditation practice.

We are dedicated to encouraging everyone to choose the great outdoors for movement. Green Blue Active passionately spreads awareness of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) to support healthy lifestyles.

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Experienced in workplace wellness and physical activity health promotion for general and special populations - children, women, and displaced persons.

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