Classes and programs

We have an array of classes to support a healthy lifestyle, while combining physical activity and stress reduction techniques.

*We are currently searching for funding to offer low-barrier initiatives to underserved communities and populations*

Offerings: low-barrier women's group movement classes (no fee) with Diakonie MSE, children's outdoor physical activity classes  'Little Sprouts', and children's yoga classes 'Little Sprouts-Green Yogis' for schools, clubs,  camps, and shelters. 

We also travel to your worksite and offer corporate tailored well-being yoga sessions and advise on workplace wellbeing initiatives, as Laura is certified in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion. 

NEW: Pop-up outdoor yoga, meditation & mindfulness practice, breath work sessions, and on-site sessions at your location.

Laura offers health-enhancing physical activity education and movement sessions in English- it is the perfect offering for English speaking companies searching for employee wellness sessions. 

For bookings and event inquiries, please contact us.

Want to know more about the benefits of green exercise, forest bathing, physical exercise?

Visit our Blog and be sure to check-out our Philosophy page to understand nature spaces as a source of energy, restoration, and health support.

Little Sprouts

Movement & Mindfulness for our Little Ones.

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Karma Classes

Free classes for those who need it most. 

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Our corporate well-being classes.

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More to come

We are always working on new offers. To keep up to date, follow us on our social networks or send us an email.