Little Sprouts Green Yogis is interactive and fun!

Our playful classes introduce children to yoga postures, mindfulness concepts, and breathing exercises. 

We use themes, stories, songs, and activities to keep children engaged while introducing yoga postures and breathing awareness. Our classes end with positive affirmations to instill peace and confidence in the little Green Yogis.

Children's Yoga Practice Benefits: 
  • Children's yoga introduces little ones to the connection between engaging the mind, body, and breath for harmony. 

  • Yoga practice encourages kids to listen to their bodies' thoughts, feelings, and sensations -  our Little Sprouts Green Yogis classes offer positive coping tools to help calm their minds. 

  • Supports movement and coordination.

  • Develops concentration and focus.

  • Introduces mindfulness practice for emotional regulation.

Read my blog post for more detailed information on the benefits of yoga for kids.

Little Sprouts Green Yogis are for ages 4-12.

Classes are 30-45 minutes and instructed in a mixture of English and German, or only English.


We offer sessions for a wide variety of institutions

We offer Little Sprouts Green Yogis sessions at schools, sports clubs, youth clubs, shelters, and special events in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, and Berlin.

We offer customized classes to fit learning objectives and develop health promotion programming for kids. Interested in having kids yoga and mindfulness in your organization or event in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Brandenburg, or Berlin?

Reach out for more information at

Ehrenamliche Arbeit mit gefl├╝chteten Kinder

Karma Yoga in Action Fitness, Yoga and Mindfulness

Age: 6+ (MW Malteser Werke)

Language: German And English.

Ehrenamliche Arbeit mit gefl├╝chteten Kinder

Karma Yoga in Action Fitness, Yoga and Mindfulness

Age: 4-6 (MW Malteser Werke)

Language: German And English.

International Children's Day (June 2023)

We led Little Sprouts Green Yogi classes at AWO and Malteser locations in celebration of International Children's Day.

We are looking forward to the next International Children's Day.