Forest Bathing in Usedom: Curative and Healing Forest in Heringsdorf

Discover the healing power of the forest near the Baltic Sea. Nesseled in the seaside Usedom Region of Germany, the Kur und Heilwaldin Heringsdorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a must-visit. It is a curative and healing forest offering the perfect setting for an immersive forest bathing session. It is suitable for all ages and especially families, as it's home to Europe's first children’s healing forest.

The children's healing forest is a marvelous experience for children to move and learn about forest bathing. It is especially relevant for kids that are glued to screens and spend more time indoors than outdoors. An increasing number of children have what acclaimed author Richard Louv describes as a nature-deficit disorder; a lack of nature connection due to growing urban and highly digital societies that are disconnected from the natural environment.

The children’s healing forest was created in response to the potential health risks of physical inactivity in children such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity, concentration disorders, sleep disorders, decreased motor skills, etc. A growing number of children may meet the criteria for an exercise-deficit disorder (EDD): persons not meeting the moderate to vigorous physical activity levels recommendations by public health officials. A concern of untreated EDD in children is the potential for a future lifestyle behavior of physical inactivity is greater, which makes people more resistant to physical activity behavior interventions.

This is not good news, as it is well-known that chronic physical inactivity can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, certain cancers, and contribute to depression disorders.

The Kur und Heilwald in Heringsdorf is a designated health-enhancing forest space for movement, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The combination of beech trees, fir trees, moss, and the sea climate offer a lovely scent in the warm summer months and assists the immune system and respiratory system.

It offers a variety of paths for different fitness levels and intentions, a barrier-free area, posted signs with breathing and mindfulness exercises, and a woodland health studio featuring a designated motor skill and meditative area with exercises for sensory perception, balance, climbing, and more.

A highlight on the trail is a calming meditation and mindfulness area, which is the perfect space to sit and bask in the healing power of the forest. Even in light rain, the large tree canopy offers natural rain protection. There is also a poetry walk where you can read nature-related poetry quotes (in German).