Keep Kids Moving!

Little Sprouts Active was created because children are raised in an expanding digitalized landscape, and studies are showing that youth are excessively engaged in screentime, becoming increasingly sedentary, overweight, unfit, and disconnected from natural environments. 

Green Blue Active aims to provide safe and health-enhancing activities for children to move, play, and learn to manage their big emotions- all while connecting with nature, and recognizing the value of the environment for health. 

Our classes are instructed by a native English speaker. This is a great way for little ones to gain vocabulary and practice English in a playful atmosphere. 

Participants are introduced to green exercise concepts:

  • physical activity for mood improvement and increased 'happy' hormones 

  • mental restoration through mechanisms in the forest- the 'awe' factors

  • how the tree's immune system supports our immune system

  • how physical activity supports brain functioning  

  • for older youth- the power of unplugging for well-being and mental health

  • practice in meditation, mindfulness and positive psychology for empowerment, stress reduction, cultivating kindness, empathy and more

We offer Little Sprouts Active sessions at special events, shelters, schools, sports clubs, and youth clubs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, and Berlin. We offer customized classes to fit learning objectives and develop health promotion programming for kids.

Little Sprouts Active

Q & A

What are Little Sprouts Active?
Little Sprouts Active are movement classes for children ages 4-12.

What is the aim of Little Sprouts Active?
We want children to know that physical activity is important for their health, cognitive functioning, AND moving outdoors in green spaces is fun. Our class also teaches skills to build confidence and resilience.

What sets it apart from a regular physical activity class?
Not only does this class build physical literacy, gross motor skill competencies, boost energy levels and build self-esteem, we also practice breathing exercises, gratitude, and self-esteem-building activities for emotional regulation. 

Little Sprouts Active supports healthy school curriculums.
Little Sprouts Active classes compliments curriculums offering health and well-being, health education, physical education, and positive education. 

We instruct in English.
This class offers a unique method to blend healthy physical activity, nature connection, and foreign language development all in one!

We visit you. 
We visit schools and youth organizations and run our Little Sprouts Active class in an outdoor area. 

Want to learn more?
Request our Little Sprouts brochure or to book classes at your school/organization, e-mail anytime at We can chat via Video to plan a memorable Little Sprouts Active class for your students.