Little Sprouts Green Yogis is interactive and fun. We use themes, stories, songs, dance, and activities to keep children engaged while introducing the practice of yoga asana, and inspire children to be strong, brave, and peaceful. 

Our playful classes introduce children to yoga poses, mindfulness concepts, and breathing exercises. 

Benefits: healthy movement, develops concentration and focus, introduces mindfulness practice for emotional regulation, cultivating kindness, increasing compassion, empathy, and is fun!

Little Sprouts Green Yogis are for ages 4-12. Classes are 30-45 minutes and instructed in English. 

We offer Little Sprouts Green Yogis sessions at special events, shelters, schools, sports clubs, and youth clubs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, and Berlin. We offer customized classes to fit learning objectives and develop health promotion programming for kids.

Upcoming Classes:

June 1- International Children´s Day-´Little Sprouts Green Yogis´ classes at AWO and Diakonie-MSE locations. 

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