Hello, I'm Laura.

I started Green Blue Active because the majority of people are not getting enough physical activity to support their health. Many are unaware of green exercise and how great it is for their mental and physical health, and how blue spaces offer stress-reducing qualities. Green Blue Active promotes the marvelous benefits of green and blue exercise, and the restorative and immune-boosting properties of forests and green spaces. Hence the name: Green Blue Active!

In school I was not gifted in sports, however I enjoyed exercise and soaked up anything related to health and well-being. This extended into my university coursework exploring socio-cultural and medical anthropology- the investigation of cross-cultural healthcare systems, and the intersections and influences of socio-cultural history, beliefs, practices, power relations, and ideology in shaping health, disease, health policy, and social arrangements.

Fast forward a few years- after obtaining a graduate certificate in worksite wellness and health promotion, and training as a group fitness instructor, I worked in corporate wellness near The Canadian Rockies. Living near the Rockies sparked my reverance for nature, and day hikes were instantly my favourite activity.  Later on, I moved abroad and earned a Master's Degree in Physical Activity and Health in Germany.

I promote preventative and rehabilitative health through physical activity and stress management. In today's stressed out, burned-out, and increasingly sedentary environments, green exercise is particularly relevant because there is empirical evidence connecting it to a range of positive health outcomes. It's simply too good to miss out on when it comes to making healthy lifestyle decisions for you and your family. 

Now it is time to share the knowledge and increase the public perception of green and blue exercise, and I am dedicated to spreading the word!

Interested in having Green Blue Active visit your organization, school, or youth club in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or Berlin region?

Contact us to learn more and arrange a class in your organization that fits your needs.  

Laura Scott, M.A. Physical Activity Health Promoter