Hello, I'm Laura.


It all started with an experience a few years back. It was a gorgeous summer day, and I led a group exercise class outdoors. We exercised under the shade of a vast tree while the sky was beaming blue. A thought popped up while simultaneously being in awe of the beauty of the tree beside us; I thought- 'I feel so energized compared to exercising inside the studio- why?'. This brought me on a journey to discover green exercise, and to conduct a study of this phenomenon for my graduate thesis. 

I started Green Blue Active because the majority of people are not getting enough physical activity to support their health, and I am passionate about physical exercise and physical activity to support health and well-being. Physical exercise hosts a huge range of benefits for the entire body, including brain health. Green Blue Active is special as we specifically promote the marvelous benefits of green and blue exercise and the restorative and immune-supporting properties of forests and green spaces. Hence the name: Green Blue Active

Societal stress levels and burnout are high, people are increasingly sedentary due to various factors, and rates of depression and anxiety are rising. Green Blue Active advocates that people engage in green exercise to feel more connected to nature, to give their bodies a healthy dose of exercise, to improve mood levels, and to relieve stress. There is empirical evidence connecting green exercise to a range of positive health outcomes- it's too good to miss out on when it comes to making healthy lifestyle decisions for you and your family. 

A focus of Green Blue Active is bringing these concepts and practices to children. Our kids must learn healthy coping strategies for stress and foster resilience in our increasingly competitive society. Kids should have access to tools such as mindfulness and gratitude practices to support well-being, plus the knowledge and skills of physical exercise for self-care, to release 'happy hormones' to support mood and energy levels, and support learning in school. 

I write all the content of this website and speak to groups in order to share evidence-based findings on leading healthy active lifestyles and give actionable steps to living more mindful, healthy lives for individuals, children, families, schools, and organizations. Exercise does not only involve a personal trainer or a gym membership- the health benefits can be attained through HEPA and should be available to everyone no matter their socio-economic status, education level, location, or gender. 

Interested in having Green Blue Active visit your organization, school, or youth club in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, or Berlin region? Contact us to arrange a class that fits your needs. Green Blue Active offers yoga practice, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness practice, small group fitness training, and corporate wellness sessions.

Green Blue Active is available to consult, develop, and coordinate strategies for evidence-based physical activity interventions. 

Laura Scott, M.A., RYT 200.
Physical Activity Practitioner & Yoga Instructor.